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I was debating whether or not to show the imagery for the covers or to save them for the big “ta-da” moment, when all of our friends see the comic and realize that we actually have been working on The Wonder City and not just rambling about comics and Coney Island for several years.  But then I thought, perchance Chip Kidd stumbles upon this website and has some design advice and saves the book before it’s too late!  

Plus, it’s taken forever to color them, so I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far.  I chose page 26 (erm…I think) from the book, a full page panel of Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel, and enlarged the two features of the page to make matching covers.  I bought some fab old NYC paraphernalia at an antique store, and made a color palette from a Chinatown linen postcard mailed from NY in 1950.

The next step is obviously to add the text.  Our awesome website designer, Jo Tsai, found us a great title font that you can see if you lift your eyes up slightly. Yes, that’s it!  And then, once we figure final page count, I get to design a tiny spine, which hadn’t even occurred to me until the printer reminded me.  This is all quite an adventure.

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