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Fun Times Designs

So, now that we have an approved proof of the book, and The Wonder City after 5 years (!) is ready to be printed, I get to switch gears a bit and put on my graphic designer pants, which are sort of like the worn pants with the hole in the crotch that you’re embarrassed to wear because they’re not up to snuff.  I’m deliriously hungry, so I’m not really sure what’s happening with that metaphor, but basically, design’s never been my strongest suit, but I was very inspired by a panel at the MOCCA art fest the other weekend about the intersection of graphic design and comics, that I began to mine The Wonder City for some fun projects to compliment the book.  The themes, time period and locations provide so many cool motifs to work with, so I’m reaching way back to my days as a carefree Continuing Ed Parsons student and fired up Adobe Illustrator for the first time in years, and have started to make some fun postcards and things for the book.

One thing I was able to sneak into the comic through the drawings is my fixation on paper ephemera: I got to draw newspapers, sewing patterns, handwritten letters, tarot cards, etc. etc. etc.  The list goes on and on.  Just little, tactile messages from decades passing beyond our frame of reference.  I guess…there are many things, both sentimental and insightful, to say about how modes of communication are changing, and I can’t add anything new and interesting to that conversation.  All I know is that there’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from little mementos, like this combination pass for Coney Island’s famous Steeplechase Park.  As you can see, I’ve repurposed it for The Wonder City, and emblazoned it with Velma’s smirking mug.

I’ve got a couple more ideas for some fun promotional materials, but I’m moving on to designing web ads cool enough to lure the internet surfing populace into The Wonder City universe, which is a little more daunting, but hopefully we’ll be seeing a few of those floating around come June.

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