Happy Birthday, Raymond Chandler!

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When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.
- Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler, born this day in 1888, is one of the greatest and most beloved writers of detective fiction.  His body of work scupted a growing, war era Los Angeles into the quintessential noir backdrop–casting the city’s emerging identity as the end of the road for dreamers and delinquents, all set against the grit of seedy neighborhoods, slithering starlets and fiends lurking behind bungalow door frames. Everything is corruptable. Everything and everyone except pensive, infatigable Philip Marlowe doggedly following leads and untangling webs. He is the quintessential and iconic private eye and he has influenced the mystery element of The Wonder City immeasurably.  And though New York is the living breathing heart of our story, we’ve always been inspired by Chandler’s imagining of Los Angeles as if the city itself is another femme fatale instrinsic to the plot of the story.

Here’s a great article about Chandler and his work.

book cover via PopCultureSafari.blogspot.com

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