Velma Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Hers

Velma tote bags silkscreened by moi

Do you crave your very own Wonder  City tote bag designed and silkscreened by Courtney on her dining room table?   Velma Graydon’s ever present eggheaded visage on your carry-all will ensure safe conveyance of all your worldly goods.

If you’re were a $100 Kickstarter donor, you’ll be getting one soon along with your book and our never-ending thanks for your support.

But don’t worry if  you didn’t pledge on Kickstarter…you can purchase your very own tote (and book!), adorned with Velma’s chic silhouette, at our upcoming book party, on our Etsy page, or by visiting us at a comic con this fall.

The bags are large and roomy, to hold all of your comic-y reading materials and your ancient Dutch books about New York City’s lost secrets.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? You need to read The Wonder City!

About Courtney

Brooklyn based artist interested in illustration, printmaking, photography, comics and travel.
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One Response to Velma Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Hers

  1. Alexis says:

    I just finished reading The Wonder City. I didn’t know which to pay more attention to, the wonderfully written story or the amazing graphics. I can’t wait for volume II! Pure Awesomeness!!!!!!!!

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