Velma Graydon

“These heated, torn, distracted ages are to be compacted and made whole.” — Walt Whitman

Where does myth end and history begin? What if there was no difference between the two? The Wonder City is a graphic novel that re-imagines the entire history of New York City, an adventure where myth and history become intertwined in a mystery over 400 years old.

Volume 1: The Great Whale of Coney Island

July, 1942: While the world is at war, a great mystery buried in the heart of New York City is close to being solved. Velma Graydon, a gal Friday turned gumshoe, is hot on the trail of an important charm lost ages ago. Called the Parelzaad, it was crafted before the city's founding and Velma is one of the few people who knows the incredible power it holds. After years of research she finds the charm in the possession of a working-class Brooklyn family. Just as it's within her reach one summer day on Coney Island, the charm is suddenly lost again and this time without a trace. In it lies the fate of an entire city.

November, 1942: A few months after Lizzie's tragic disappearance, Owen teams up with Velma Graydon to find his sister. First, Velma must secretly school him in the ways of the mysterious Light Keepers and their 400-year mission to guard New York City from its foretold destruction. Now the Tovernboak, a sprawling account of the city's true history, is revealed to Owen against the Light Keepers' wishes.

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